Friday, October 26, 2007

To Buy or To Rent?

So, I finally make the decision to BUY a home. Well over a year ago I did. 2 weeks ago, was my one year anniversary in the house. I still love it. BUT...that also meant that my warranty was up. Guess what I discovered 2 nights ago? A yellow mark on the ceiling... Yep. What could that mean in a two story? Yep, a leak. OMG. 2 weeks out of warranty! Now the plumber is there as I write this trying to discover the problem. What will happen? So far they have not said anything about the whether I am under warranty. I don't want to say anything...for fear that they will then check. I do have insurance but of course I would have to pay the deductible. Arrgghh!

So, now as I sit here I it better to have bought or should I just rent forever and never have to worry about stuff like this?