Thursday, August 19, 2010


So, the girls and I had some free time on Sunday afternoon. I decided to take them to this place I have 'bookmarked' for a while, called EcoStation in Culver City. Ok, first note, Culver City is a s**thole! Holy cow! I had no idea where it was, then discovered it was IN East LA! Nasty area. The area we ended up was decently nice with a park across the street but the rest...uh let's just say I kept driving and driving, no stopping in this place! Anyway, so we find the 'place' and whereas I thought it to be a ZOO type facility buzzing with people and kids and fun activities, it was NOT! It was located IN an industrial building. Huh? We pulled in the parking lot and there were 4 cars. Huh? Luckily another mom and her kids pulled up right then so we felt safe enough to venture inside with them. I didn't know WHAT to expect but what I didn't expect was an hour tour in an industrial building and then be escorted OUT! Uh, ok. Anyway, 2nd note, we had FUN! It was fun. Really. The girls loved it. The girl who led us around and seemed to know everything had no personality and it was hard to understand her since she never looked us in the eyes but we got to see lots of fish, reptiles, crocodiles, snakes and big talking birds! No cats though since that room was closed. Oh that would have been fun! Oh well. So, it turns out that it is some sort of a rescue place and they are good to save them but I doubt we will go back. I mean, an INDUSTRIAL BUILDING?

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