Monday, November 1, 2010

Update to Blog titled "Ugh..."

Ok, so back a few months ago I wrote about the funeral I attended and then was shamed for feeling so judgemental about the family. I didn't go into it on the previous blog but I was mighty impressed with the son when he got up and spoke. His maturity (I think he is about 30) and calmness and overall sincerity.

Well guess what? He was a fraud! Turns out the f**ker has been frauding his dad (who has Parkinson's) for months. Him and his new wife were treating him like crap and had stolen about $30,000! The drama is still unfolding and I am sure the son will be arrested at some point (the bank said they would take care of that part) and you know what? I am glad! Not only that he will get what is due to him but that I was a little bit RIGHT! What an ASS!

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